Shipping to AUT & GER


As a private person you have the right to cancel. For more information please see Section 4 of Instructions on Cancellation in’s Right to Cancel.

Should you return any merchandise, if possible please specify in the return package how you wish Wheeler to process your return. If you don’t have a Wheeler return document, please express your wishes in an accompanying note.

You are not obligated to fill in the return document or express your processing wishes in writing, but you will facilitate and accelerate the processing of your return if you provide your complete and correct information.

When packaging your return merchandise, please make sure to seal the package carefully and remove any old address labels as well as old barcodes.


As a customer of, all new merchandise delivered from us to you is covered by the statutory warranty mentioned under Warranty Policy.

For returns please use the following address only:

Wheeler Bicycles Europe Trading GmbH
ADDRESS: Brudermühlstraße 18, 81371 München, Bavaria, Germany
TEL: +49 0171 3425203 (English and German speaking)

Our Return Department will confirm the receipt of your return by e-mail.


If you receive a damaged packet please inform us as soon as possible, at the latest within 2 days.