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LINE-UP 2020

In our lineup for 2020 we have some smashing Bikes from different classes of MTBs.  Today I will introduce you to these classes and the individual advantages of our models all to answer the question of which bike it should be.

All our models are full-suspension mountain bikes, so-called fully MTBs with 29 inch wheels or mixed size (only e-bike).



Falcon Trailbike

Up until now trail bikes have filled the gap between Race FS Bikes and All Mountains. They have 120 to 130 millimeters of suspension travel, are good climbers and have plenty of Oomph in the downhill.

However, in the last few years they have undergone an immense change. Due to the hype for race oriented stretched geometries (long, flat, low) in combination with unnecessarily overbuilt equipment, some examples recently exceeded 14 or even 15 kg.

We decided not to go along with this trend and define the trail bike more than what it was originally intended to be. A light, sporty and comfortable rocket with a stable but useful equipment.

Trailbikes are best suited for

Long expeditions with strenuous climbs and single trails in the Alpine area
After-work riding. The fast after-work round with the crew
Family outings. The family outing at the weekend
Marathonrennen or CC tracks. Marathon races or CC tracks with demanding downhill runs


Not suitable for

Bikepark riding.
DH tracks.


The Falcon – the right bike for you

You are a speed devil on the trail? You like long adventures and embrace the  suck on the uphills, but find CC racing bikes too uncomfortable and all mountain bikes too heavy?

With smooth 130 mm front and 120 mm rear suspension travel, 12-speed gears and a fighting weight of 12.7 kg, the Falcon Trail Bike will give you wings on every ride. Rock Shox’s Ultimate suspension components with their numerous adjustment options allow you to perfectly tune the bike to your preferences, while Magura’s MT Trail tames the immense speed.  A 1×12 SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain reliably provides the right gear in every situation, and the lightweight and stable Funn Finishing Kit completes the package.

The geometry is tuned to provide smooth downhill performance with the maneuverability needed for tight single trails without going to extremes. The moderate reach allows a comfortable, slightly more upright riding position, which can be a blessing for the back and neck on long rides. The Falcon’s light weight and geometry also make it an absolute hit as a women’s full body.





Wheeler Bikes eHornet e Mountainbike

Within the e-mountain bike segment, the Allround E-MTB Full Suspension bikes are the largest group. They can be characterized by approx. 140 to 160 mm travel, batteries with at least 500 WH and drives with a torque of around 70 NM.

The geometries correspond mostly to the current All-Mountain or Enduro bikes, of course with adaptations depending on the design. With the powerful motors and the long range of the batteries, these bikes are the SUVs among the E-mountain bikes.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for extended adventures in the wilderness? You want a bomb-proof ride in the downhill? Top motorization and a huge battery for little money? Probably the best price-performance ratio in business?

With our E-Hornet we have the perfect lid for your pot.

Why you should choose the Wheeler e-Bike Fully

Wheeler E-Hornet 2020. offers what we consider the perfect electric e-Mountainbike Enduro package. 

Lightweight aluminium frame. Comfortable enduro geometry. From the lightweight aluminium frame with its modern yet comfortable enduro geometry, to the 630-WH battery that provides plenty of endurance for even the longest adventures, to the top-of-the-line Shimano engine with the perfect balance between range, reliability and ease of use.

With minor adjustments, the geometry of the E-Hornet uses that of the full-throttle sled Hornet. The enormous traction of the 27.5+ rear wheel and the in-bike riding position gives the whole thing a light motocross feel but a little more maneuverability than the analog Hornet.

630 WH battery is fixed. which minimally limits the charging possibilities but allows the use of a much lighter, more stable frame. The fixed connection of battery and frame allows us to create a very analog riding feel which increases the fun factor massively.

22,7 kg, Shimano’s top engine. Only 22,7 kg, Shimano’s top engine, large battery, a modern feel-good geometry, Magura’s MT5, a SRAM GX e-bike specific shifting group and as the icing on the cake an absolutely ridiculous price round off one of the best packages among the E-MTB Enduros.



All Mountainbike Wheeler Raptor

All Mountain stands for the typical allround-fully MTB, the egg-laying wolly pig as they called it here, the everywhere fun machine.  A low weight, maximum gear ratio range, Suspensiom travel from 130 to 150 mm and light yet strong parts are musts in this category.

Do you like long, demanding tours in alpine terrain? No single trail is too steep or too sketchy for you? Are you looking for the ultimate all-purpose weapon for the big adventure but a marathon bike is too uncomfortable and an Enduro bike too cumbersome?

Then our Raptor might just be the perfect playmate for you.

Our bird of prey for 2020, the All-Mountain Fully Raptor.

Contrary to the trend of recent years, we have not labelled a freeride hybrid with massive weight as an AM bike, but have taken a slightly different path. Below 13.5 kg with a very well thought-out spec, a full carbon frame with a proven four-pivot construction, the Ultimate version of RockShox Lyrik and Super Deluxe and an SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain.

The geometry was designed for comfort and liveliness without going in extreme directions. The moderate reach and only relatively slack steering angle coupled with the 29er wheels make the Raptor a tornado on the trail with the agility of a dragonfly.

We had the biggest surprise when our female testers were on the road. The unanimous opinion was: “This is the perfect female bike!”

The Ultimate suspension’s agility and low weight, as well as its extremely wide range of settings, created smiling faces all round, and the stealth design (Phantom Grey is the new black) was also apparently very appealing.

So, whether you’re a single trail artist or a high mountain Amazon, here’s your new sled


Enduro Mountainbike Hornet Wheeler Bikes

An Enduro bike is the right choice for you if you like it a little harder and dirtier. The difference to the All Mountain category is nowadays defined more by spec and geometry than by suspension travel. With the Enduro you can still get up the mountain well, but the main focus is actually on the downhill performance, even genuine DH tracks are no problem for them.

You like speed, real, pure, unadulterated DH bike like speed? Do you like to ride the bike park or built tracks? You like to shoot yourself over anything that looks like a takeoff? You like to pedal uphill but more for the following trail than for the training effect?

Then the Hornet is the perfect weapon for the fight against everything the trail can throw your way.

If you do Enduro, really do Enduro was the basic idea for the Hornet. A long, flat, race-ready geometry, Rock Shox Ulltimate suspension elements, the sensitive but progressive VPP rear triangle with slightly longer chainstays and the bear-strong Magura MT5 brakes all have one common goal: to give you the perfect platform to approach ludicrous  speed (as seen on Spaceballs).

As extreme as all this may sound, it’s still practical and tame. If you combine the longer reach frames with a shorter stem (or longer if apllicable) you will find the perfect size from 160 cm to 200 cm and the moderately flat steering angle makes the Hornet quiet agile and controllable for its dimensions. Also the low weight of 14,2 kg for an aluminium enduro and the rear end whithout pedal kickback allow the Hornet to also be used in all mountain sector. Especially for large or very heavy riders this could be a very good solution.