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OUR IDEA – For this 22,7 kg sled we have decided to go our own way. A full on Enduro geometry on the sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame encasing the massive 630 WH battery powering Shimano’s top of the line engine. For a more stable platform and that true analog bike feel, the battery is an integral part of the frame and charged via a port on top of the bottom bracket.




When we decided on a focus for the components of our new bikes, we quickly and unanimously decided on something we would like to call the value principle. It simply meant that we took a long hard look at what we wanted to see as riders ourselves and what would otherwise cause unnecessary spending. With this in mind we went about and picked, what we truly believe, the best bang for the buck. Instead of using so called “bling” parts, we decided on another way.

Many riders today like to upgrade certain parts of their bikes as their riding maturity progresses. There are however a few key components that should be done correctly, right from the start, to give our customers the best possible base.

Our main focus is on the following parts.

Due to the high cost of aftermarket parts upgrades here are very expensive. Our simple solution is to use top-level stuff only.
Especially on E-bikes, but also on the new Enduros due to the speeds that they can reach, it is vital that the most reliable and strongest components are used. Maguras MT5s are just that.
Another high price item if the customer has to upgrade. The Funn wheels we are using offer unsurpassed performance and competitive weight.
Admittedly not a high price item to change. However since we spec the undisputed champion of gluing your hands to the bars with DMRs deathgrips, no upgrade is needed.
As upgrade costs here often include having to change everything from shifter to hub mount, we just give you a full SRAM GX on all bikes, on the house.

For all the other parts like cockpit, seat, etc. we are proudly using FUNN products, renowned for strength and low weight without breaking the bank. 




Already a pioneer at the time, now the legend of one of the leading bicycle producers of the last century is back!

We are here again and want to hit the ground running!

Everything you used to love about us, has been optimized and renewed, and we are ready to start into a new biking era with you!



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