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  • Can I fit a coil shock on my Hornet?
    • Due to the rear suspension layout, a coil shock will sadly not fit this bike
  • Can I use an angled headset on the Hornet?
    • Absolutely, up to 1° or 6 mm reach extend, just make sure you check the size.
  • Can I run a mullet setup? 29 in/27,5 in
    • Yes, you can. Due to the slacker angles, it will feel brilliant but quite different. Max tire: 27.5X2.8


  • Why can’t I take the battery out?
    • The closed frame is lighter, stronger and the battery cannot move whatsoever. In addition, the high capacity cell would be very dangerous in a backpack as backup due to its considerable weight. It is also protected from theft.
  • Why the mullet? (mixed wheel size)
    • It combines the advantages of a fast rolling 29er front with the added maneuverability of a 27.5 rear. The 2.8 in tire also has a tremendous grip.


  • Enduro or trailbike?
    • It is a longer travel trail bike with an emphasis on comfort and speed on the trail. Of course it can be used for Enduro, but to really hit the rough stuff we recommend our Hornet model
  • Does it work with mixed wheel sizes?
    •  It becomes quite a different beast, extremely agile and manual happy. Make sure you try before you make the change.


  • So, what is it?
    • It is a short travel trailbikes. Insanely fast and fun on variable terrain with short up and downhills or long alpine adventures.
  • Why is there no lockout from the bars?
    • To reduce the number of cables and shifters, get rid of unnecessary weight and because it only really matters on competition bikes.